Brean Down Way

This is a gorgeous 8 mile (Each way) trail. Its the most fun i have had on the board to date. The route is well maintained and the majority is easy on the board.

Starting point is anywhere along the Weston-super-mare promenade. Not wanting to stump up for parking i opted to start at Clarence park east, but there is parking right on the promenade and beach

From here make your way to the promenade, once you reach it travel south until its end. Here you can either choose to ride along the beach or the road route. I took the road route outward and the beach inward.

Both routes converge at Upton marine centre. From here its a lovely winding trail over the river axe to diamond farm caravan park.

The route is now a mixed use path parallel to Weston road finishing at Brean village hall. Its here where the route is on road, though its a very clam quite narrow road. You can opt to jump on the beach at this point. after 1.5 miles you reach the foot of the Brean down. There is a steep path to the top i was a little worried whether my board would cope with the gradient, to my surprise it shot up like it wasn’t even there. Stop at the top to admire the lovely view.

From this point on its very rough indeed, the faster you go the smoother it feel. A word of advice, the cows do not like mountainboards, steer clear to avoid spooking them. Finishing point is the fort.

Follow the path in reverse to your starting position.