Ride number two, and an opportunity to really test this new battery having not charged since before the Wyre forest ride. Car parking is cheap so i decided to fork out for once. As luck would have it the parking machine was out of order ka-ching! This one was a bit of a race against time as rain was due.

This ride is 10 miles long (5 miles each way), on a disused railway converted to a cycle track and is part of national cycle route 5. Being a railway bed the terrain is completely flat.

There is ample parking, first 100m is very rough, but it soon smooths out. There are a few things to see on the route including a train carriage converted into a cafe, the Stafford race course and a few picnic areas.

The most interesting feature is the Stannals iron Bridge. There is some lovely open countryside too.

The second half of the ride is rather uneventful being largely enclosed by trees, so if you turn back at the half way point at the Milcote picnic area you wont have missed much.

At the very end there is a few parking spaces and a sign post indicating there is an espresso shop just up the road.

To summarise the route is easy to navigate and very flat, it would be a great place to learn to ride a board, its a bit too straight for my liking though.

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