VESC Settings

These are constantly changing, but these are my current setting at the time of writing.

First my configuration. I have 2 Vesc 4s. One for each motor. I have a single PWM receiver and us CAN. My receiver isn’t powered by either vesc, its powered independently.

Motor Type – BLDC

Motor Max Current – 80a

Motor Min current – -80a

Absolute max current – 130a

Battery current max – 70a

Battery current max regen – 15a

Max ERPM – 60,000

Max ERPM reverse – 60,000

Min current – 1.2a

BLDC Sensor mode -Hybrid or Sensorless

Startup Boost – 0.15 This is the minimum current percentage thats first applied to the motor when pressing the throttle, it gets you moving. With pneumatic wheels this needs to be set high to get you moving. You could lower this and just push off from a start. ( I nearly always do anyway) Be careful, if you set this too high it will pull away violently.

App settings

App to Use – PPM and UART

Current no reverse with brake

Throttle curve – Exponential and an aggressive curve.

Uart baudrate – Your devices rate